Saturday, January 30, 2010

Braddock Hospital No Longer Accepts Patients. They are To Busy Exploiting Hati Even Though They Don't Give A Damn About Black People

UPMC has stopped accepting patients in Braddock Hospital in the first stage to close our only hospital. UPMC has been getting blasted by the media because of their desire to close the only hospital that the people of Braddock can use. This move is going to cause a lot of people to die but they don't care all they care about is money. Braddock Hospital lies in the poorest community in PA and most of the people do not have transportation.

I grew up going to this hospital and spent six long months as a patient when I was young. This hospital had more patients then several of the other hospitals but UPMC doesn't care about black people but they certainly are going all out for Hati. It looks like they are trying to makke themselves look better by sending help to Hati.

Its time that UPMC be taught a lesson because they are putting profits above people and since they are supposed to be a Non Profit that is not right.

I have changed my insurence from UPMC to Gateway because frankly I do not want them to get one cent for me when they put profits in front of people.
They still haven't given us an answer of where we are supposed to go.

Sunday, December 13, 2009



I love seeing the pictures of Chelsea Clinton through the years. I can't believe she is getting married I will always remember meeting her in Pittsburgh during the Primary. She is such a sweet young woman and you can tell her mom and dad did a wonderful job with that one.
I hope Michelle Obama is watching Chelsea is proof that you can raise a normal kid and give kids a normal life even inside of the White House. Michelle is just going to have to keep them away from the media.

Why We Must Save Braddock Hospital?

There is a large movement in Braddock PA trying to save a local hospital. UMPC which is a large hospital chain plans to close Braddock Hospital despite the fact that there is no where else for the people who live in this community to go to in an emergency. Most of the people in this town are poor with no form of transportation. UMPC has a million hospitals but they want to close this one down telling the residents that they can go to McKeeport which is about 20 minutes away by car. How do they think we can get there take two buses?
We are a struggling community one that was devastated by the loss of the steel industry and never recovered. We have recently been named one of the poorest communities and one of the worst neighborhoods in the USA. One paper even referred to our town as "Hell".
We are contacting our representitaves and our two Senators to see if they can help us.
This hospital must not be closed we depend on this hospital if we are sick.
You can read more about the effort to save our hospital
We must stop this greedy non profit from closing our community hospital. UMPC wants to kick us when we are down but I will say this that Braddock people are tough we have been through a lot and we survived. Its time to show UMPC that they cannot just roll over and expect us to die.

Save Our Community Hospitals holds rally in Braddock Pennsylvania

Save Our Community Hospitals holds rally in Braddock Pennsylvania

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Monday, September 21, 2009

People's Weekly World - Future for the Mon Valley? ?Hell doesn?t have to last forever!?

People's Weekly World - Future for the Mon Valley? ?Hell doesn?t have to last forever!?

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This is one of several articles written about my hometown. The NYT recently called Braddock the worst town in America. The Liberal Bloggers came to our town for a convention and now we have this article that calls our town Hell.
I guess no one really thinks that using these types of terms to refer to a place people love and grew up in.
We need to make sure that Mayor John remembers that we do NOT want Gentrifation. He is allowing to many outsiders into our area. We may have accepted him but we will not allow them to take over our neighborhood. We learned a long time ago that when the middle class moves in they push the poor out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Braddock Goes Internation Go Mayor John

Mayor John that is what we call the Mayor of Braddock. He came to Braddock in 2001 after getting his Master's degree from Harvard. He came to run an Youth Program and I guess he fell in love even if Braddock had seen better days.

He has a geniune love for the people he serves he dresses like the people who live in the town and wears our zip code on one of his arms. On the other arm he has the dates of everyone who was murdered since he was elected. One of those names belong to my cousin she was 18 months old.
I know they called us a broken down neighborhood but to me its just home. I was raised here and I couldn't picture living anywhere else.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Even if Your First Lady You Can't Avoid Being the Ghetto Girl

This article made my blood boil. Michelle Obama, The First Lady of the United States apparently isn't good enough to vacation at Martha's Vineyard with the regulars. It seems she is just a ghetto girl. This just proves my point that no matter how rich you become your always going to just be a ghetto girl. I remember the Clinton years it was the same for them they were considered "white trash" by many.
I wonder why people look their noses down on ghetto girls anyway. There are a lot of us. Both women sitting on the Supreme Court today are from the hood.
You read the article and the comments on this article and frankly there is a lot of denial about ghetto people frankly there are a lot of people who are gum chewing, finger pointing, head shaking gun toting thugs but most people from the hood know how to keep that behavior in the hood. Ghetto girls do have attitudes but those attitudes get us through some pretty tough times. Ghetto girls know how to survive and yes thugs exist.
I notice that a lot of middle class and rich black people are afraid of being associated with the ghetto that they deny things. Yes there are a lot of thugs in the hood it is how we survive thug life. Most of us OG out of that life or we die or do a dove in prison.
The truth is the hood is not just black its white, Latino, and Asian. Its also Native American. The same problems that affect the black hood effects the entire hood. Gun toting thugs might be black or they might be white both see the same time in prison.
In the end Where I am from trumps race and gender.
Everyone in the hood isn't in a gang but all of us know what its like on the streets because the center of the hood is the streets and the blocks.
I did like the shirt Ghetto Girls Rock