Saturday, January 30, 2010

Braddock Hospital No Longer Accepts Patients. They are To Busy Exploiting Hati Even Though They Don't Give A Damn About Black People

UPMC has stopped accepting patients in Braddock Hospital in the first stage to close our only hospital. UPMC has been getting blasted by the media because of their desire to close the only hospital that the people of Braddock can use. This move is going to cause a lot of people to die but they don't care all they care about is money. Braddock Hospital lies in the poorest community in PA and most of the people do not have transportation.

I grew up going to this hospital and spent six long months as a patient when I was young. This hospital had more patients then several of the other hospitals but UPMC doesn't care about black people but they certainly are going all out for Hati. It looks like they are trying to makke themselves look better by sending help to Hati.

Its time that UPMC be taught a lesson because they are putting profits above people and since they are supposed to be a Non Profit that is not right.

I have changed my insurence from UPMC to Gateway because frankly I do not want them to get one cent for me when they put profits in front of people.
They still haven't given us an answer of where we are supposed to go.

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